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“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”  – Charles Darwin

Ability and Agility differ by just one letter, but where professional “ability” is grounded in the here and now, professional “agility” implies movement, overcoming obstacles, avoiding danger, and growth.

Ability = knowledge + skill + means to do something known (traditional adviser).

Adaptability = knowledge + skill + means + attitude to adjust to new situations and challenges (innovative adviser).

Agility =  ability to move quickly and easily to detect and bypass obstacles and reach desired goals (flexible adviser).

Evolved = developed to a higher state, through ongoing adaptation, in response to changing needs (evolved adviser).

Agile Advisers = Evolved Advisers who’ve consciously evolved their professional practices to remain relevant and viable in a technology/internet-based environment.

Professional Extinction Threat

Professional advisers have had it good for many years, earning high status and generous rewards in return for providing clients with highly skilled, valued, and trusted services.

We’re now facing extinction – technology and outsourcing are destroying our protected status, as evidenced by the many traditional fee earning activities that have become low-cost commodities.

Within a few years, traditional practice income sources will completely reverse.

From:      Discipline/Technical Focus = 80% + Client Focus = 20%

To:            Client Focus = 80% + Discipline/Technical Focus = 20%.

Where we’ve thrived on “doing the work” to deliver technically correct outcomes to clients, we now need to get much better at:

  • Accurately diagnosing broader client needs and
  • Negotiating understanding and acceptance of advice largely obtained from efficient A.I. systems and,
  • Helping to implement that advice – to achieve excellent outcomes.

To succeed we need to become much better trusted advisers.  Every profession has talked about this for years, but few advisers, or firms, have really worked on developing their people’s human skills, to complement their technical skills.   It’s time … to get … serious.


The change is accelerating.  It’s unstoppable and irreversible.

To adapt, survive and thrive, professionals must turn this fundamental change to their advantage.  In Darwinian terms: we need to evolve to do things computers can’t do – the human stuff we weren’t taught to do.

The good news is that much of this work is more interesting than the technical stuff computers are best suited to.

Agile Advisers take a more holistic approach towards looking after their clients’ needs:

  • Build Trust by spending more time with clients, focusing on their needs and interests, and demonstrating willingness and ability to help satisfy those needs.
  • Empathise to show genuine interest in each client and to help identify their wider business, family, personal and human needs.
  • Leverage client relationships to stimulate demand for broader-based services.
  • Generate technical advice cost-efficiently, using appropriate and trustworthy A.I. expert systems.
  • Address all relevant client needs (personal, psychological, commercial, financial, legal, etc) using trustworthy, collaborative adviser networks, across many disciplines.
  • Negotiate understanding, acceptance, and commitment to your team’s advice.
  • Facilitate implementation / execution of advice to produce best possible outcomes.


Agile Adviser Training

The Agile Adviser Institute (AAI) is part of the Family Business Institute (FBI).

Our 6 day program (2 x 3 day workshops) teaches adviser agility skills through a 100% face-to-face experiential learning process.

Course Size:                     12 to 24 participants.

Program Costs:               $5,000.00 (+GST) on registration, or 6 x $1,000.00pm (+GST).

View Program Dates

Code Dates Month Day
AA1 / W1 20, 21, 22 March Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
AA1 / W2 2, 3, 4 May Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
AA2 / W1 21, 22, 23 August Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
AA2 / W2 18, 19, 20 September Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday


In-House Programs are also available.

Agile Adviser Certification

Satisfactory completion of the program results in Agile Adviser Certification and permission to use the AA logo on business cards and stationery.

All successful participants have their details listed on the AA website.

Agile Adviser Marketing

Successful candidates receive a year’s free listing on the AA website, complete with brief bio, areas of practice and contact details.  They’re also entered in our “Find an Adviser” search engine.

Listing in subsequent years is available for $250.00pa (+GST).

Please call for more information:  Jon Kenfield  0414 816 789,

Or email:

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