Digital Marketing for Family Business Advisers

FBI takes full advantage of digital marketing channels to speak to our audience, using a professionally directed digital marketing strategy. Although the founders were both early adopters of technology back in the day, things have moved somewhat beyond our ken in recent years, so we will take guidance and advice from professionals on how best to achieve our objectives. As a member of FBI, this guidance, support and advice on digital marketing for family business advisers is also available to you.

With professional networking channels such as LinkedIn boasting 3.9 million users in Australia (and growing at 2 new users per second worldwide!) it stands to reason that this is where the focus on digital marketing for family business advisers will lie.

Our aim is to attract family business clients into the FBI website where they can get information before going directly to individual adviser profiles, or use a sophisticated adviser search tool.

In effect, FBI will be a collective marketing vehicle for individual advisers.