FBI Family Business Adviser Network Referrals

Much of FBI’s success will depend on the strength of its adviser community and the networks that community creates.  We’re putting a lot of effort into making sure that those networks are very active, by encouraging and facilitating the maximum level of face-to-face contact our advisers are comfortable with in order for family business adviser network referrals to grow.

With our major focus on providing advice collaboratively, we are keen to ensure that our advisers get to know and trust other advisers from complimentary disciplines.

So we want accountants to get to know new lawyers, financial planners, psychologists, counsellors and executive coaches, because any and all of these disciplines may be required on some or all of their assignments.

There is no quicker way of building trust than through great performance, so we’ll be spending a lot of time on this, both in our training and in our promotional efforts.