Professional Community of Family Business Advisers

The FBI professional community of family business advisers is set to become the closest knit and strongest group of professional family business advisers in Australia and New Zealand.

As numbers grow we’ll organise more regular (monthly) meetings in capital cities and major centres as educational, professional, commercial and social events.

Although we’ll happily organise remote access for members who can’t easily attend meetings physically, it’s our firm conviction that networks work best when members know each other well, both professionally and socially, so we plan to take an old school / professional institute approach of regular get togethers, based on the concept of “human get human”. Now there’s an idea!

The FBI adviser community is also linked together through online applications such as LinkedIn using chatrooms for purposes of general and professional communication, referrals and problem sharing. We provide training, written explanations and videos to show our less IT-savvy members how to make the best use of digital communication and marketing resources.