Family Business Adviser Training and Accreditation

We provide a comprehensive 12 day training program for adviser Accreditation.

We also offer a 2 day “taster”: Introduction to Family Business Advisory – demonstrating how conventional practice can be improved by using Emotional Intelligence and Human Skills to help address complex Family Business challenges.

We help to maintain and enhance adviser knowledge and skills through Continuing Professional Development & Other Programs (CPD) and regular Network Activities.

We facilitate our advisers’ acquisition of critical knowledge and skills through advanced experiential learning, using case studies based on real life examples.

Our “high care | high contact | high challenge” approach re-shapes mature professional attitudes to suit modern advisory practice in an age of outsourcing and advancing technology, while building a community of trustworthy, collaborative advisers.

Accreditation: a 12 day program for serious advisers looking to “evolve” their professional practice.

Introduction to Family Business Advisory:  a 2 day program for advisers that introduces concepts of:  (a) family business fundamentals;  best practice advisory model;  advanced adviser skills and (b) emotional intelligence and the use of human skills in advisory practice.

CPD & Other Programs are single day intensive programs in 3 categories:  (a)  Human Skills  (b)  Professional & Personal Skills  (c)  Advisory Skills.

Network Events are regular monthly meetings (held after hours), where advisers gather to hear brief talks, share experiences, solve practice challenges, enjoy refreshments  and build their professional networks.