Accreditation Process

Gaining accreditation requires the successful completion of several process stages:

  1. Initial application. Includes assessments of qualifications, experience, emotional sensitivity and personality type.
  2. Personal Mentor allocated from FBI Faculty. Individual Learning Program developed in consultation with adviser member, FBI mentor and home turf support person.
  3. Accreditation Training – 12 days of formal, in person training, over 1 to 3 years. Active assessment of performance during training by faculty members.
  4. FBI Network Meetings – reasonable level of active engagement in network activities and/or alternative forms of engagement if required (eg: international members).
  5. FBI adviser community – reasonable level of active engagement in the adviser community. Note: this is where most referrals and collaborations will arise.
  6. Supervised practice – minimum of 18 months interactive discussion over cases with assigned mentor.
  7. Satisfactory performance on all levels >>>> accreditation.

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