Family Business Adviser Continuing Education

Advisory skills and Accreditation are maintained by:

  • Continuing successful advisory work (via colleagues and client feedback).
  • At least 2 days attendance each year at educational events relevant to advising families in business (not restricted to FBI activities). See:  Additional Courses and Programs.
  • Reasonably active engagement in the FBI adviser community through meetings and online activities.
  • Maintaining a good personal reputation in relevant areas of professional activity.


Additional Courses and Programs (optional)

Additional Courses are offered on a scheduled, rotating basis and may be attended either as part of a continuing membership subscription (2 days/year, after Year 3), or at additional cost at any time.  They cover different topics and/or go into greater depth than our Accreditation Training.

There are logical sequences in some training pathways designed to progressively build relevant skills.  We’re happy to discuss them with you.

Professional and Personal Skills

  1. Problem Solving and Decision-Making (1 day)
  2. Balanced Communication; Trust and Team Building (1 day)
  3. Facilitation and Meeting Management (1 day)
  4. Negotiation (1 day)
  5. Teaching, Training, Coaching and Mentoring in adult/business environments (1 day)
  6. Practical aspects of building a Family Business Advisory Practice (1 day)
  7. Strategic Thinking Skills and Strategy Planning for the Family and the Business (1day)
  8. Managing and Resolving Family Conflicts (1 day)

Human Skills

  1. Emotional Intelligence. Character and Personality types – assessment and implications for family and business teams (1 day)
  2. Leadership – styles and models. Training; development and transitioning (1 day).
  3. Family Business Governance, Risk Management and Supervision (1/2 day)
  4. Advanced Coaching and Mentoring Skills (1 day)
  5. Human Aspects of Managing Change (1 day)
  6. Building High Trust and High Performing Teams (1 day)
  7. Building Emotional Resilience in Individuals, Families and Businesses (1 day)
  8. Dialogue Coaching and Managing Difficult Conversations (1 day)

Advisory Skills

  1. Family Business Leadership. Succession and Continuity Planning (1 day).
  2. Values, Visions and Goal Setting Workshops (1 day)
  3. Family Constitutions and Codes of Conduct (1 day)
  4. The Family Office (1/2 day)
  5. Professionalising the Business and the Family (1 day)
  6. Family Business Diagnostics – Interview and Feedback Processes. Constructing Questionnaires and Surveys using Survey Monkey. (1 day)

Network Meetings

We run 10 informal monthly network meetings, between February and November each year.

Network meetings currently take place in the evening at FBI’s premises in St Kilda Road, Melbourne.  They last for a couple of hours and combine training and discussion on a topic of interest with social networking.  There’s no charge for these meetings, which are restricted to members and special guest speakers.

As our membership grows and spreads we will conduct similar meetings in major centres across Australia and New Zealand.