Family Business Adviser Accreditation Training

Family Business Adviser Accreditation Training (core training) takes 12 days, starting with an intensive 4 day program. The remaining sessions can be undertaken (in sequence) in 2 day blocks (modules) whenever relevant courses are available within the 3 year subscription period. There should be at least one complete set of Accreditation Training sessions running each year. The core training process could be completed within 12 months, if anyone’s that keen.
The training and accreditation process begins when a new Associate attends a Foundation Course. We expect all Associates to achieve accreditation within 3 years and make every effort to help them do so.

2017 Accreditation Calendar and Costs

Accreditation Training Program


Day 1. Introduction. Family Business Characteristics, Challenges & Best Practice Concepts.
Day 2. Emotional Intelligence & the importance of “Human” Skills. Respect & Trust. Leadership, Management and Team Building.


Day 3. Personality profiling. Family & Business Systems. The 7 Elements of Organisational Success.
Day 4. FBI’s Best Practice Model: concepts, techniques & tools. Advisers Code of Ethics & Professional Practice. Collaborative Advisory Practice. The FBI Adviser in practice.


Day 5. Critical Strategies, Structures, Systems & Skills for Family & Business sustainability.
Day 6. Workshop: full day case study – the Angst Family. The FBI Model in practice.


Day 7. Foundation Adviser Skills (1): The Trustworthy Adviser – Strategic Thinking, Problem Solving & Wise Decision Making. Building Respect & Trust in Relationships.
Day 8. Foundation Adviser Skills (2): Communication, Negotiation, Facilitation & Meetings.


Day 9. Ownership. Leadership, Governance and Risk Management in Family & Business.
Day 10. Legacy & Succession Planning. Family & Business Continuity.


Day 11. Facilitated Processes (1): Values, Visions & Goals Workshops; Family Forums; Performance Reviews; Family Conflicts.
Day 12. Facilitated Processes (2): Family Constitutions; Mutual Obligations; Codes of Conduct; Shareholder, Ownership & Other Legal Agreements.


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