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2017 Accreditation Calendar and Costs

Adviser Training

We offer Accreditation and Certification Programs, to suit different needs.

Accreditation (12 days + assessments + supervised practice) is for mature professional advisers specialising in collaborative advisory work with business families and private clients.

Accreditation candidates join FBI as members for at least 3 years to gain the benefits of being part of our adviser community.

Certification L1 (4 days) is an introductory program that provides a good depth of theory and practice, with limited skills development.  Designed mainly for younger professionals moving into the family business space and for advisers in banks and financial institutions.

Certification L2 (10 days + assessments) is an advanced program that contains most of the relevant content from our Accreditation program, omitting only the final days of actual advisory practice activities. Designed primarily for senior advisers in major organisations and financial institutions who don’t need or want to become part of the FBI community.

CPD / Open Programs are offered throughout each year in 3 streams:  Human Skills;  Practice Skills and Advisory Skills.

Network Meetings are run on most months with a changing selection of topics.  They’re part technical, and part social.