Accreditation Programs for Family Business Advisers

Professional Accreditation is our flagship program, designed for professional advisers who work with private clients, family businesses and business families.  Associate Membership of FBI forms part of Accreditation registration.

The Program features 12 days of face-to-face workshops, with a strong emphasis on experiential learning in a collaborative team environment.

The Program has 6 main components, delivered in 3 segments:

  • Theoretical Frameworks:
    • Family Business Concepts.
    • Emotional Intelligence and the Human Skills Advisory Paradigm.
    • The Family Business Best Practice Model.
  • Personal and Professional Skills for “Evolved” Advisers.
  • 4x Major Family Business Topic Workshops.
  • Advisory Practice in the Future.

There are 3 written and graded assignments, undertaken as team activities.

Open Training comprises 3 x 2 day and 2 x 3 day workshops.  In-House Training can be fully customised.

Programs run with a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 24 participants.

Accreditation Training is the starting point for advisers who want to leverage their existing technical skills into a more highly “evolved” form of professional practice .  It’s where advisers begin to engage with the FBI community and its shared knowledge, skills and methodologies.

In addition to formal training Members receive personalised learning and development programs;  an assigned mentor and coach (for support and supervised practice);  personal marketing through the FBI website’s: “Find an Adviser”;  downloadable practice resources;  CPD;  network meetings and referral opportunities.

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View Accreditation Program Details

Accreditation Program Details

(1)  Family Business Theory, Emotional Intelligence & Best Practice Model
Day 1

Family Business Fundamentals:  Common Characteristics;  Needs and Interests;  Challenges & Best Practice Concepts.

Family & Business Systems & Group Dynamics (1).

Advisers as Solutionists:  problem solvers;  knowledgeable & trustworthy; strategic, constructive & collaborative thinkers;  imaginative, adaptive & agile.

Day 2

Emotional Intelligence & the Human Skills Paradigm.

Character & Personality.  Behavioural Challenges.  Resilient Relationships.

Family & Business Cultures.  Building Respect & Trust.  High Performing Teams.

Personal, Family & Business Diagnostic Tools (intro).

Best Practice Advisory Process (1).

Day 3

Family & Business Systems & Group Dynamics (2).

Locus of Responsibility.  Legacy & Stewardship.  Succession Planning.

Day 4

Best Practice Tools & Techniques.  The FBI Adviser (Solutionist) in practice.

Theory, Practice and Challenges of Truly Collaborative Advisory Practice.

FBI Advisers’ Code of Ethics & Professional Practice.

Day 5 7 Elements of Organisational Success:  Strategies, Structures, Systems & Skills for Family & Business Sustainability.
Day 6 Workshop:  full day case study – the Best Practice Model in practice.
(2)  Personal and Professional Skills Development for Advisers
Day 7 (1)  Strategic Thinking.  Problem Solving & Decision Making. Effective Meetings.
Day 8 (2)  Balance Communication & Persuasive Negotiation.
Day 9 (3)  Family Conflict.  Courageous Conversations.  Facilitation & Mediation.
(3)  Major Topic Workshops – Delivery & Implementation.  Future of Advisory Practice
Day 10 Family Business Facilitated Workshops: (1) Values, Visions & Goal Setting;  (2) Business Strategy, Organisational Structure & Capacity Review & Family Plans.
Day 11 Family Business Facilitated Workshops:  (3) Sustainability & Continuity:  Legacy & Succession Planning;  (4) Family Constitutions & Charter of Mutual Obligations.
Day 12 Future of the Advisory Professions: “Evolved Advisers” in a new Professional Paradigm:  Talent Spotting & Personal Development;  Professional Training & Learning;  Knowledge & Capability Transfer;  Coaching & Mentoring.


View Accreditation Program Dates

Accreditation Program Dates

2019 Patron’s Program commences February 2019

Accreditation Program #2 – 2019
Workshop Month Dates Days
AP2/W1 February 2019 6 / 7 2
AP2/W2 March 2019 6 / 7 2
AP2/W3 April 2019 3 / 4 2
AP2/W4 May 2019 7 / 8 / 9 3
AP2/W5 June 2019 11, 12, 13 3


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