One Day Programs / CPD

One Day Programs (CPD) are offered throughout the year:  Human Skills; Professional & Personal Skills & Advisory Skills.  Sessions are delivered once a month, over the year, designed to cover different topics. Some sessions should be taken sequentially, being designed to progressively build relevant skills.  Please call to discuss. Accredited members must attend at least two days of relevant training each year, in addition to their participation in FBI adviser community activities. Two days of (free) CPD training are included in all membership subscriptions.  Members can attend appropriate training elsewhere, if they wish.  They can also come to additional FBI programs, for a modest cost. Some programs are restricted to FBI members (mainly “how to” sessions that require some pre-training and understanding of the FBI Best Practice Model).  Others are open to non-members (eg: other advisers and family businesses). View Human Skills Dates

Human Skills 2019

Month Dates Code Program Days Places
Mar 6  H1 Emotional Intelligence.  Character & Personality types – assessment and implications for family and business teams 1 24 REGISTER NOW
April 16  H2 Leadership – styles & models.  Training, development & transitioning 1 24 REGISTER NOW
May 15  H3 Family Business Governance, Risk Management & Supervision 1 24 REGISTER NOW
July 16  H4 Advanced Coaching & Mentoring Skills 1 24 REGISTER NOW
Aug 6  H5 Human Aspects of Managing Change 1 24 REGISTER NOW
Sept 11  H6 Building High Trust & High Performing Teams 1 24 REGISTER NOW
Oct 23  H7 Building Emotional Resilience in Individuals, Families & Businesses 1 24
Nov 13 H8 Dialogue Coaching & Managing Difficult Conversations 1 24

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Professional and Personal Skills Programs 2019

Month Dates Code Program Days Places
Mar 7 P1 Problem Solving & Decision Making 1 24 REGISTER NOW
April 17 P2 Balanced Communication, Trust & Team Building 1 24 REGISTER NOW
May 16 P3 Facilitation & Meeting Management 1 24 REGISTER NOW
July 17 P4 Negotiation 1 24 REGISTER NOW
Aug 7 P5 Teaching, Training, Coaching & Mentoring in Adult/Business environments 1 24 REGISTER NOW
Sept 12 P6 Practical aspects of building a Family Business Advisory Practice 2 24 REGISTER NOW
Oct 24 P7 Strategic Thinking Skills & Strategy Planning for the Family & the Business 1 24 REGISTER NOW
Nov 14 P8 Diagnosing & Managing Family Conflicts 1/2 24  REGISTER NOW
P9 Advanced Mediation & Conflict Resolution Skills 1/2 24  REGISTER NOW

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Advisory Skills Programs 2019

Month Dates Code Program Days Places
Mar 8 A1 Family Business Leadership.  Succession & Continuity Planning 1 24 REGISTER NOW
April 18 A2 Values, Visions & Goal Setting Workshops 1 24 REGISTER NOW
 May 17 A3 Family Constitutions & Codes of Conduct 1 24 REGISTER NOW
 July 18 A4 The Family Office 1 24 REGISTER NOW
Aug 8 A5 Professionalising the Business & the Family 1 24 REGISTER NOW
Sept 13 A6 Family Business Diagnostics (1) – Interview & Feedback Processes.  Simple surveys. 1 24  REGISTER NOW
Oct 25 A7 Family Business Diagnostics (2) – Advanced diagnostic and survey tools. 1 24 REGISTER NOW