Quality Assurance & Help

We recognise that the very idea of engaging a complete stranger to tell you how to sort out your family and/or your business is both daunting and demeaning, especially for people used to exercising considerable control and independence.

FBI can’t provide any performance guarantees, because the nature of family business advisory work is simply too broad and unpredictable for anybody to remotely predict the eventual outcomes of any assignment.  However, we do promise to ensure that each family business client who appoints an adviser through FBI receives the high quality services they reasonably expected to receive from an FBI adviser.

To this end, on request we will consult with clients and their advisers, and review any work done on any assignment, to help ensure successful outcomes, and/or to rectify any problems that have arisen.  This is a cost-free service to clients and advisers, covered by the advisers’ membership subscription.