Re-Fire your Professional Career

Professional careers are demanding, and hard to leave – for many personal, professional and financial reasons. 

There’s a choice:  Retire (end), or Re-Fire (extend)?

Succession in Professional Firms

Many professional firms “refresh” their leadership teams on a regular basis – to attract and retain new talent, and to remain viable in competitive markets.  This creates angst, and casualties, amongst mature professionals who want to keep working, but find themselves eased out for strategic, rather than performance, reasons.

Re-Fire Opportunity

Many family businesses, especially those working through succession processes, are frustrated by the limited scope services provided by their conventional, timesheet-bound, technical advisers.  At certain times they need a more “Agile” Adviser with the time, ability and inclination to work closely with them on a broad range of practical challenges.

This presents a huge Re-Fire opportunity for advisers with the right training, experience, skills and attitude.  Furthermore, it’s work that can be undertaken in collaboration with your old firm, or as an independent practitioner in the FBI Network, or both.

Typical Engagements

Most Re-Fire engagements are Private Client, or Family Business Advisory assignments. They’re often undertaken, or develop into, collaborations with other advisers – to provide the full range of services a client family needs.  This could include:

  • Succession, Sale of Business and Exit Plans – including valuations, capital raising, mergers and acquisitions.
  • Family Business Advisory (Best Practice) – family and business professionalisation.
  • Meeting Management: Alignment, Planning and Consensus Building.
  • Conflict Management: Facilitated Conversations and Family Mediation.
  • Strategy, Business and Family Plans.
  • Stewardship, Legacy and Estate Plans.
  • Leadership and Executive Coaching.
  • Counselling, Psych. Support and Resilience Building.
  • Next Generation (Business) Education and Career / Lifestyle Coaching.
  • Family and Business Governance: Boards, Committees and Family Councils.
  • Coaching and Mentoring.


Investment – Family Business Adviser Accreditation

FBI Accreditation provides valuable training; a meaningful qualification and access to FBI’s adviser network, resources, practice support and marketing services.

Accreditation requires satisfactory completion of our training program, which is unique in Australia in its insistence on 100% face-to-face training through experiential workshops, and its delivery by highly experienced advisers – who are also great trainers!

The program comprises 12 days of workshops, plus small group assignments, conducted in 2 and 3 day blocks, over a six month period.

Investment: $10,000, or  24 months @ $500pm, (+GST).

We can also deliver customised, in-house programs, on request.

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2019 Accreditation Program Application

2019 Accreditation Program Application