We developed Solutionism as a problem-solving, solution-oriented approach to respond to business family’s needs for a balanced mix of proven professional wisdom and skills, across disciplines, within a proven, structured and well-defined best practice framework.

Outcomes for most family businesses were demonstrably improved when the advisory team’s knowledge and experience were powerfully leveraged by effective collaboration.

Aspects of Solutionism:

  1. Harnesses conventional financial, commercial, legal, accounting and business management knowledge and,
  2. Combines it with situation-specific, emotionally intelligent, modified human / psychological strategies and responses and,
  3. Applies specially evolved problem solving, lateral thinking, negotiation, facilitation, mediation and dispute resolution approaches to,
  4. Deliver holistic, best possible outcomes: “a happier family and a stronger business”.   

Solutionism hates the words “compromise” and “sacrifice”, preferring to design and deliver best possible solutions, under all the circumstances.  This commitment lies at the core of FBI’s training and best practice model.