The 3 Elements Model

Our 3 Elements Model is core to our main objective:  to establish long term, sustainable peace and prosperity in families in business.  FBI trains advisers to align and re-balance the three major dynamic elements present in all Family Businesses:  Individuals + Family + Business.

The 3 Elements Model differs significantly from the traditional 3 Circle Model of Family Business, by replacing the latter’s “Ownership” circle with an “Individuals” element.  This fundamentally changes the primary focus at the start of each assignment:  rather than diving straight into legal and financial issues, FBI Advisers start by identifying and addressing the human issues causing angst for individuals and the family.

This may require expert assistance from specially trained facilitators, mediators, coaches and/or psychologists.

Once the family is better aligned it becomes much easier to proceed with the technical / commercial issues that need to be addressed.  It also increases the likelihood that the outcomes of any technical work performed will be widely accepted by the family.