The Family Business Adviser Challenge

Because Families are complicated beasts, their long term success requires knowledgeable, sensitive and skilful management of a broad range of intertwined, rational AND emotional issues.  These issues impact Individuals, Families and Businesses, in ever-changing combinations, to create an endless variety of challenging situations.

Conventional training and practice in traditional business disciplines doesn’t equip or encourage practitioners to involve themselves in “human issues”.  Contrarily, they say this hard stuff requires soft skills.  No wonder it’s a virtual no-go zone for most professionals!

Similarly, experts trained in psychology, and associated human disciplines, rarely feel at home when numbers and legalities are going head to head in troubled commercial environments.

If you already understand that family business dynamics combine human, family and commercial challenges, you’ll also appreciate their need for a more integrated approach – one capable of addressing both human and technical issues in complex environments.

This approach is precisely what FBI brings to the table.