The FBI Adviser Difference

“Who’s the actual client?”  “What (who?) are the real issues?”  “What is our task?” 

Family business advisers need to be family-sensitive.  It’s usually clear who’s paying the bills, but after that, things get more difficult.

Families demand a non-adversarial approach, with a focus on shared needs and interests, collaboration, facilitation, long-term problem solving and win-win, or at least best possible, outcomes.

Although they’ll need conventional legal, accounting and other technical inputs eventually, the family’s broader and most critical objectives are rarely best served by the strict enforcement of rights, the maximising of tax savings, or the delivery of win-lose outcomes too early in any assignment.

FBI-trained Advisers have a far broader knowledge and appreciation of the interplays between all the issues, needs and interests they’re likely to come across on any family business assignment; our Best Practice Model helps them to handle these issues appropriately, both in space and time;  our in-depth skills training, resources and support systems help to ensure that they deliver clearly superior and more appropriate solutions.

It all adds up to best possible outcomes, for both clients and advisers.