Performance Pledge

FBI exists to help professional advisers deliver exceptional services to business families.  A significant part of our value proposition lies in the advice, support systems and practice materials we provide to our members.

FBI will always:

  • Put our members’ interests first and provide them with the best and most appropriate advice and support we can conceive, under all the circumstances.
  • Work collaboratively and constructively with relevant organisations and service providers, to the greatest extent possible.
  • Maintain member and family business confidentiality.
  • Avoid and disclose any commercial conflicts of interest as soon as they become evident.
  • Behave with honesty, integrity, trustworthiness and reliability in all of our educational, professional and business dealings.
  • Provide maximum transparency at all times.
  • Accept responsibility for our performance and accountability for our results.
  • Work to increase our own knowledge and competencies through active participation in relevant organisations and activities; reflective and continuous learning and through the generous sharing of ideas, knowledge and experience with others.
  • Increase public awareness of adviser capacity and generally contribute to the success of the family business sector by providing exceptional education, training and marketing services to professional advisers.
  • Advance the interests of the family business sector whenever possible through constructive influencing and advocacy.
  • Promote and enforce the requirements and spirit of our own Codes of Ethics and Professional Conduct amongst all FBI members.