Training Policy

Accreditation Training (core training) takes 12 days, usually delivered in two day blocks. We aim to run a complete training program each year.

Training can be undertaken whenever relevant courses are available within the 3 year subscription period, so Accreditation Training can, theoretically, be completed within 12 months. However, FBI Accreditation also requires at least 18 months of supervised practice, including personalised training by the Associate’s assigned mentor.

This development and assessment period is fundamental to our quality standards.

The accreditation process begins when a new Associate attends their first course (Foundation Program). We expect Associates to complete the accreditation process within 3 years of commencement and will make every effort to help them do so.

CPD: Accredited Members are required to attend at least two days (15 hours) of relevant professional development training each year to maintain their accreditation. This can be undertaken with FBI, or elsewhere.

We require everyone to provide an annual confirmation of CPD attended.

We provide a selection of other training and special interest sessions every year. Two days / year are included in annual subscriptions, additional sessions can be attended for a modest charge.

Waiver: The supervised practice requirement may be waived, in whole or in part, for special circumstances, such as recognition of prior experience. This requires a formal submission from the candidate, accompanied by sufficient evidence to support their request for a waiver. Dispensations may be issued at the sole discretion of FBI’s Accreditation Panel.