What we do

FBI trains, supervises, accredits, supports, coaches, mentors and markets a group of collaborative advisers who are serious about their work with families in business.  Those families come in all types and sizes, as do the businesses they own and run.

FBI does not accept advisory engagements, although all members of our Faculty are active, experienced and effective practitioners, in their own right.


Why We Do It (Our Mission)

Our primary objective is to raise the performance and visibility of serious advisers – and to thereby achieve better outcomes for their family business clients.


How We Do It

Our Best Practice Model requires FBI advisers to appreciate and respond to the full range of family business needs (both human and technical) in any given situation.

This requires collaboration with other competent and trustworthy advisers, as there’s no person alive who can get close to covering all necessary bases.

The FBI adviser community is built on the principles of informed collaborative practice.  Every assignment follows this format:



Inevitable Disclaimer

FBI provides members with log-in qualified access to proprietary resources for use in family business advisory practice.  Note that these are mainly resources developed by FBI faculty over the years for their own use on real family business clients.  They are intended to be used as guides and thought starters, rather than as definitive end products.

As with everything we do, say and provide, given the completely unpredictable nature of each individual family business client’s circumstances and needs, it’s the individual adviser’s responsibility to ensure that whatever FBI resources they use are safe and appropriate for the chosen application.

We therefore make no promises or representations at all about the fitness for purpose of any of FBI’s materials or resources, in any situations that are not fully explained to us.