Become a Family Business Institute Member

Initial Subscription

Membership of FBI works on a subscription model with an initial three-year commitment, followed by annual renewals.

Accreditation training takes place in the first three years of membership. Subsequent years have a greater focus on marketing advisory services and the maintenance and extension of knowledge and skills through continuing education and active participation in the FBI adviser community and referral networks.

Every applicant is individually interviewed and assessed on the basis of their experience, qualifications, personality and aptitude for performing high quality collaborative family business advisory work before they can become a Family Business Institute member.

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Continuing Membership

To maintain accreditation advisers are expected to remain actively involved in the FBI community, and to undertake at least 2 days of relevant CPD each year (cost included in subscription).

Membership Subscriptions

Initial Membership (3 years): $1,000.00 Application Fee + 34 months @ $500.00pm.

Continuing Membership (annual): $250.00pm


  • Please add 10% GST to all prices.
  • Initial Membership requires a 3 year commitment. Prices are fixed for the period. Annual subscriptions are reduced from Year 4 onwards.
  • Payment Options:
    • $1,000.00 Initial Application Fee + 34 months @ $500.00, paid by direct debit (= $18,000.00); or
    • 3 x $5,400.00 annual payment in advance (10% discount = $16,200.00); or
    • 1 x $15,300.00 full payment up front (15% discount).
  • Year 4 Onwards: $250.00pm, or $2,700.00 annual fee.