Family Business Institute Membership benefits

Professional Benefits

FBI provides a broad range of professional benefits to members:

  • Expanded professional practice capabilities and increased revenues.
  • Higher quality, professionally challenging and more satisfying work.
  • Premium fee earning opportunities.
  • New client acquisition opportunities.
  • Existing client retention, especially through generational transitions.
  • Increased knowledge and skills in human and family group dynamics.
  • Greater understanding and use of emotional intelligence leads to enhanced leadership and management capabilities.
  • Access to proven tools, resources, programs, diagnostics, pro forma documents and worksheets.
  • Ongoing education and training, personal coaching, mentoring and practice building advice and support.
  • Realistic opportunities to transition senior professionals into rewarding new careers as advisers, mentors and non-executive directors, after retirement from mainstream practice = benefits for practices and individuals.
  • Opportunities to transition “restless” professionals onto rewarding new career paths that compliment, and interface with, are mainstream practice.
  • Personal promotion through the FBI website and associated marketing initiatives.
  • Potential referrals from enquiries received by FBI from family businesses.
  • Membership of an active network of collaborative, trustworthy family business advisors.
  • Increased competitive advantage through exclusive and meaningful professional accreditation.


Personal Benefits

FBI members become happier and more successful individuals through these benefits:

  • An enhanced understanding of emotional intelligence concepts and tools, supported by new skills, including personality profiling. This will make you a more rounded, capable and confident individual, in almost any situation.
  • A family business advisory pathway to better work : life balance. This will appeal to individuals seeking a new career direction and/or more control over their working lives; and to those looking for continuing gainful employment after retirement and/or after “doing their time” in mainstream practices.


Family Business Benefits

Family Businesses are also big winners, as they receive:

  • Effortless access to a large and diverse group of dedicated, trained and competent professional advisers.
  • Clear and unambiguous information about proven, best practice processes – to generate the confidence needed to feel comfortable about engaging complete strangers to help deal with complex and sensitive challenges.
  • Confidence that all FBI accredited advisers have been trained and assessed through a stringent and meaningful training and accreditation processes.
  • Dependable quality control standards.
  • Constructive interventions if anything goes seriously wrong on an engagement.